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Eating for Good Health and Weight Loss with the

Sensible Eating for Life Plan

(SEL Plan)


Our goal should be to establish healthy, sensible eating habits as a lifelong way of eating, so I call my personal plan the Sensible Eating for Life Plan (the SEL Plan). These diet and recipe pages are all about eating for good health and for lifelong weight management.


This is my personal diet plan, using the following basic guidelines.


● Eat lots of fruits and veggies (and eat them raw as much as possible)

● Eat whole grains (brown rice, wild rice, Kasha (buckwheat), oats, quinoa, whole wheat, barley, spelt)

● If you have digestive problems, do not eat grains with gluten (wheat, rye, barley)

● Do not eat refined and overly processed grains (such as white flour and white rice)

● Do not eat refined sugars (white sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, etc.)

● Eat fats in healthy whole foods (olives, avocados, nuts, etc., and reduce or eliminate oils and spreads made with oils)

● Eliminate animal fats or better yet, eliminate all animal foods

● Do not eat trans fats (hydrogenated oils/partially hydrogenated oils)

● Eat 25 to 35 grams of fiber (or more) per day


Some diet plans have different stages or phases while others do not. Choose whatever suits your lifestyle and your goals. To make it easier for those who prefer to use a phased plan, you will find three phases here on this site.


(1) The beginning phase, which will help to eliminate cravings and also result in more initial weight loss. This phase should last from two to four weeks.

(2) The slower weight loss phase, which is followed until you reach your goal weight. You can skip the beginning phase and start here if you prefer and if you do not have a problem with cravings.

(3) The maintenance phase, which should be followed for the rest of your life. This is mostly a continuation of Phase 2, with the addition of a few more foods to be eaten in moderation.


For details, see Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 foods to eat and foods to avoid lists.


The word “diet” is described in The American Heritage College Dictionary as “The usual food and drink of a person or animal.” However, most people have a negative association with the word "diet"—they think diet, and they think hunger and deprivation. However, what we eat every day is our diet, whether good or bad, and our diets directly affect our health and well being.


We can eat a diet of foods for good health and we can eat a diet designed for weight loss. There are also many "special" diets. There are diets for allergies, for heart health, for diabetes, even diets that claim to be good for preventing cancer. There are nonfat diets, low fat diets, low carb diets, good carb diets, low glycemic index diets, no-sugar diets, no-grain diets, and a no-flour no-sugar diet. There are antiaging diets, mood diets, detox diets, diets to conquer emotional eating, pH diets, raw food diets, body type diets, blood type diets, metabolic typing diets, and food-combining diets.....  the list could go on.


There is probably no one diet that is suitable for every person. We need to be well informed so that we can make the choices that we think are best for us as the individuals that we are. But no matter what plan you follow, you will find information and recipes here that will help you along the way.


I've listed a variety of books on my Amazon Links page as some examples of what is available in the area of diet and health.

About these diet pages


These diet pages were originally about the South Beach Diet. I changed this for two reasons: (1) copyright and trademark laws and (2) disagreements that I have with the diet.


Short review of the South Beach Diet


Dr. Agatston is not the first, and won't be the last, to create a diet based on the glycemic index and good carbs. There are hundreds of diet plans, and many of them advocate the same, or very similar, way of eating as Dr. Agatston, and they did so before him (see my Amazon Links page for a few examples). The “one-size-fits-all” SBD doesn't contain any new or ground-breaking dietary information. It is not the end-all of all diets. In fact, I think that it is not the best diet. My opinion is that no one knows everything about dieting and health, including Dr. Agatston and all the other diet and health book authors. There is always new research and new studies, and recommendations are always changing. There are many opinions about what is good and not good for our health. We should learn as much as possible and make up our own minds about what we think is best for us as individuals.


Links to Diet book reviews including five reviews of the South Beach Diet.


Details on my disagreements with the South Beach Diet are on this page: 

How my personal diet plan is different from the SBD plan.


See the Controversies About Foods page for some of the pros and cons about some specific foods. I encourage everyone to do their own research and learn as much as possible about diet and health in order to make informed decisions.


What do you think of the new line of Kraft prepared SBD-approved foods?


A page about diet and protein. Is protein necessary? How much do we need? Where do vegetarians get their protein? Can we eat too much protein? Charts showing protein amounts in plant foods.


A page about low carb products


Helpful links to other sites regarding diet and health

About this Web Site


I started this frog-themed Web site in August of 2001, as a hobby. After we started the South Beach Diet in August of 2003, I decided to share some of my collection of recipes on this site. One thing leads to another...


I hope that this site is helpful to you, and that it will bring you some amount of pleasure as well. Be sure to visit the "frog" side of this site from time to time, as I have many things to add there as I can find the time.


About the Music


The music playing on this page is “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.” This is a zippy, happy, uplifting, and delightful little tune. I’ve had quite a few comments about the music—almost all of them positive. But I’ve heard from a very few who find it annoying (mostly from people who are at work and don’t want their coworkers to know what they’re doing) so they write me asking how to turn it off. Since the music is not controlled through a player on this Web site, but plays through the user’s default player on their own computer, the solution for those who don’t want to hear it is to turn it off using any one of several ways:


1. Hit the Escape key.

2. Turn down the volume knob on the speakers.

3. Mute the volume in the sound settings in your system tray.

4. Press the "no sound" button on your keyboard, if you have one.


On the other hand, some have said they would like the music on every page. Knowing I can’t please everyone, I do the best I can and hope that you enjoy my site and find it useful. I won’t put the music on every page, but I’ve made a page with the words and music, and if you want to sing along, go here: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. You’ll surely feel good after singing this tune!


Here's an inspiring comment sent to me in e-mail by an elderly gentleman: “I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoy “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.” I go into your site just to hear the music... but then I check out the recipes, which are so helpful. I must tell you that I am 80 years old and on the South Beach Diet to lose weight. When I put on your music, I get up and do a little jig until I am huffing... have been doing this for a week and can jig a little longer each time. Thank you for a little fun!”


About the Recipes


Most of the recipes here are easy and simple, with ingredients that are readily available, with a few exceptions. I will include recipes from various sources as well as some of my own creations.


I've noticed that some of you have been copying recipes from this site and posting them on forums or other Web sites. This is fine, but if you do this, I'd appreciate it if you would post this site as your source for the recipes. Even better, instead of copying and pasting the recipes, just copy and paste this link: so that others can come here and find recipes they like, and also because some of the recipes change as I experiment and learn. Thank you.


I have not yet tried all the recipes that are posted here, so please let me know if you see any mistakes that I need to correct or have suggestions for improving any of them.


Printing the recipes


Some people have given me feedback that the right margin is cropped when they try to print the recipe pages from the Web site. There are several options to overcome this, but the two best ways are:


(1) Select (highlight by clicking and dragging) the recipes you want to print, and in the File/Print menu, under the Page Range options, click on Selection. This way, only what you have selected will print. You will avoid printing the left column and other things on the Web page, leaving plenty of space for the recipes to print without cutting off anything on the right margin.


 (2) Copy and paste the recipes into a word processing document, and format the margins and page breaks as desired. If you use Microsoft Word, you can select Paste Special/Unformatted Text.

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Recipe Pages—All Phases (1, 2, and 3)

Phase 1 List of Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid

    Phase 1 Breakfasts Phase 1 Lunches 

 Phase 1 Main Dishes—Beef Phase 1 Main Dishes—Chicken Phase 1 Main Dishes—Fish 

 Phase 1 Main Dishes—Turkey Phase 1 Main Dishes—Meatless 

 Phase 1 Vegetables Phase 1 Legumes

Phase 1 Soups with Meat Phase 1 Soups—Meatless

Phase 1 Salads—Main Phase 1 Salads—Side Phase 1 Salad Dressings

 Phase 1 Desserts Phase 1 Snacks


Recipe Pages—Phases 2 and 3

Phase 2 List of Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid

Phase 2 Breakfasts Phase 2 Lunches 

 Phase 2 Main Dishes—Beef Phase 2 Main Dishes—Chicken Phase 2 Main Dishes—Fish 

 Phase 2 Main Dishes—Turkey Phase 2 Main Dishes—Meatless 

 Phase 2 Main Dishes—Pasta ~  Phase 2 Legumes & Grains

Phase 2 Vegetables Phase 2 Soups-Meat ~ Phase 2 Soups-Meatless

  Phase 2 Salads—Main Phase 2 Salads—Side Phase 2 Salad Dressings

Phase 2 Desserts ~  Phase 2 Snacks Phase 2 Breads & Bread Products


Recipe Pages—Phase 3

Phase 3 List of Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid

Phase 3 Breakfasts 

Phase 3 Main Dishes—Beef Phase 3 Main Dishes—Fish ~  Phase 3 Main Dishes—Turkey  

 Phase 3 Vegetables ~  Phase 3 Salads—Side Phase 3 Salads—Main Phase 3 Salad Dressings

 Phase 3 Desserts Phase 3 Snacks Phase 3 Breads & Bread Products


Miscellaneous Recipe Categories

(Phase listed under recipe title)

Bean Salads Crock Pot Deviled Eggs and Egg Salads   Drinks, Shakes, Smoothies

Eggnog ~  Guacamole Salsa Hummus and other Bean Dips and Spreads

Marinades, Mixes, Sauces, Seasonings

Potlucks, Parties, Holidays, Appetizers  ~  Sandwiches


Tips, Links, Menu Planning Chart, & Miscellaneous Pages

Tips for Beginners General Tips for Everyone ~  Tips About Specific Foods

Tips on Reading Nutrition Labels ~  Tips about Exercise

Food Combining ~ 2005 Government Guidelines for Diet and Exercise

  Links to other diet and health Web sites Download 7-Day Menu Planner

Low Carb Products Protein in our Diets Top Antioxidant Food Charts

Controversies About Foods Weight Loss Cartoons

Main Diet Page

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